The Eye of Tiger established in 1979 and since then we pride ourselves in recreating traditional Indian dishes from the Indian sub-continent covering wonderful and vibrant countries – from the Himalayas to The Indian Ocean and The Arabian Sea to The Bay of Bengal.

At the Tiger, our chefs use only the finest ingredients, fresh spices which are meticulously ground and mixed by hand, ensuring the purest and highest quality dishes. Tiger’s success is a result of continuous support from our loyal and devoted customers. Behind the years of loyalty from our customers lies a hardworking, ambitious and dynamic group of chefs .

We are providing a full VIP three course meal on a jet, a customer ordering and having their favorite meal delivered all the way to their doorstep. Over the years, Tiger had the honor and pleasure of serving many famous celebrities, actors, sport personalities and high profile politicians!

We hope you enjoy your experience with us and look forward to welcoming you to our table at The Eye of Tiger.

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 12pm - 2pm
Mon - Sun: 6pm - 12pm